Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Billeting Information


Billeting is a very rewarding way to assist the Hawks.  You, as a Billet, will welcome a Hawk into your home, and give them the opportunity to live in a caring environment as they pursue their hockey goals.

The Players are expected to become a member of the household, responsible to help in daily chores (taking out garbage, shoveling the sidewalk, etc), to clean their own rooms, do their own laundry, and manage their own meals when the situation requires.  These young men also have a strict schedule set by the Coach, which includes practices, workouts, game day routines, and in some cases, either attending school classes, or working part-time.  The Coach sets the curfew which every player must abide by.

As a Billet, you will have the support and guidance of Head Coach, Tad Kozun, and Billet Co-ordinator, Tina Haluke, to answer any questions or issues which may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What do the players need?  The player will need a personal bedroom, meals, and snacks for road trips.
  2. When do the players arrive and leave?  Camp starts at the end of  August and the regular season ends  early March .
  3. What financial assistance is available?  The Nipawin Hawks pay $425.00 per month.  With options from our local grocery stores: If you take your $425 in a Matt's No Frill's gift card - you will receive an additional $25 gift card; if you take a Save U IGA card - you will receive 10% addition onto your $425 amount totaling $467.50; and at Lake Country Co-op - you will receive 5% onto your $425 gift card totaling $446.25.
  4. How do you get to know who is involved?  The Hawks hold socials, where the billets get to know each other, the Coaching Staff, the players, and the families of the players.

The Nipawin Hawks cannot exist without the tremendous generosity and support of our billets.  If you are interested in billeting, please call:

Tad Kozun  (306) 276-8174      or
Tina Haluke   (306) 862-4347