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Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League


Coach's Message - Doug Johnson

The Nipawin Hawks have enjoyed on-ice success in the last 2 years, being only 1 of 2 teams to finish in the top 4 in the SJHL in both years, and have had more league points than all but two teams.  The Hawks have a great culture inside the locker room, and tremendous community support, which has allowed the team to build on team and community pride.

In my tenure as Hawk’s Head Coach/GM, each player that has laced up skates with us has had an offer to play hockey after finishing Junior.  The Hawks have moved 4 players into Div.1 schools, and another 4 playing Div. 3 in the last 2 years, and have had success moving kids on to the next level.  A full listing of commitments over the years is found on this page.

The Hawks are an integral part of the community of Nipawin, and despite our small size, we have the best community support!  The Board of Directors, Staff, and volunteers spend their time, talents, and expertise in all of the promotions and fundraisers that keep this team in solid financial shape.  This promotion and teamwork equates to one of the healthiest teams in the SJHL.

During my twenty years of junior and pro hockey, I have been fortunate to play or coach in front of some amazing crowds, some in excess of 15,000 people, but I have never experienced a louder rink that that of the Cage during playoffs.  The Hawk’s fans are the cream of the crop in junior hockey, and that is evident in the tremendous fan/community support.

Scholarships and Commitments

Scholarships and Commitments
Year Name School/Team   Year Name School/Team
1989 Byron Witkowski Michigan   2006 TJ Sutter Queen's
1990 Rod Miller U-Minn (Duluth)   2006 Charles Burd Queen's
1990 Corey Osmack U-Minn (Duluth)   2006 Josh Belair U-Manitoba
1991 Brian Kapeller St. Lawrence   2006 Kevin Lavallee U-Manitoba
1993 Todd Murphy Colgate   2006 Ryan Cruse U-Regina
1993 Rob Phillips Alaska-Fairbanks   2006 Brady Larock Mount Royal
1994 Trevor Demmans Lake Superior    2007 Rob Holoien Geleen (Dutch Elite League)
1994 Kyle Millar Western Michigan   2007 Steven Leslie Geleen (Dutch Elite League)
1994 Curtis Murphy U-North Dakota   2007 Tyson Hobbins Lake Superior State
1995 Trevor Demmans Lake Superior    2007 Jon Lawrance Queen's
1995 Mark Kane Providence College   2007 Marcus Halcro Queen's
1995 Mike Olaski Ferris State   2007 Dallas Thiessen U-Regina
1995 Tobin Praznik Lake Superior    2007 Cody Purves U-Saskatchewan
1995 Rejean Stringer Merrimack College   2009 Brent Ottmann Wichita Thunder CHL
1996 Cris Classen Merrimack College   2009 Torrie Dyck Augustana
1996 Tyler Palmer Lake Superior    2009 Dean Prpick Augustana
1996 Matt Saper Clarkson U.   2009 Matt Schneider Augustana
1997 Tom Welby Merrimack College   2010 Ryan Kerpan AIC
1998 Dan Carriere Alaska-Fairbanks   2010 Alexandre Leclerc RMC
1998 Robin Carruthers St. Lawrence   2012 Adam Reichert U-Wisconson, River Falls
1998 Greg Classen Merrimack College   2012 Dan Szerlip Concordia University, Wisconson
1998 Robert Delwo Dartmouth   2012 Darius Cole Williston State College
1998 Jamie Garrick Lake Superior    2012 Scott Bollefer Thompson Rivers
1998 Joe Mancuso Northeastern   2013 Davis Jones U-Alaska, Fairbanks
1998 Ian Manzano Clarkson U.   2013 Eli Litchenwald Union
1999 Robert Liscak U-Maine   2013 Tanner Dusyk U-Alaska, Anchorage
1999 Nolan Schaefer Providence College   2013 Jeff Datoff Marian University
2000 Regan Kelly Providence College   2013 Wheaton King SAIT
2000 Shawn Mamane Wayne State   2013 Jesse Williamson Simon Fraser
2001 Jaymon Hill Colgate   2013 Brody Hoffman Calgary Flames - NHL Devel Invite
2001 Derek Alan Providence College   2014 Tad Kozun U Alaska - Anchorage
2001 Thomas Welsh Ohio State   2014 Eric Bollefer Minot State University
2001 Chad Anderson U-Maine   2014 Steven Glass BCIHL
2002 Jean-Guy Gervais Bemidji State        
2002 Aaron Ludwig Quinnipeac        
2002 David Kellington Lake Superior