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Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

2017 Tobin Lake Walleye Championship Winners

By Nipawin Hawks, 07/10/17, 3:15PM CST


Congratulations!! Pictures are now under the Fundraising Tab for 2017 TLWC

Tobin Lake Walleye Championship

 2017 Prize List

Regular Tournament

Place  Value                         Length  Team #          Name        Name

10th  $400.00 with a length of:536.31    4       Tyrell Mooney Marlin Hourisko

9th    $600.00 with a length of:536.6       71      Tom Barrie  Russ Parkinson

8th    $700.00 with a length of:536.6       68       Adam Fitzpatrick  Dave Steeg

7th    $800.00 with a length of:537.5       38       Boyd Holmen   Dale Stolberg

6th    $900.00 with a length of:539          33        Trent Ediger  Easton Ediger

5th  $1,000.00 with a length of:540.1       39        Lee Tosh Duane Tosh

4th  $1,200.00 with a length of:542.8       43        Ray Lamy  Wade Maynard

3rd  $2,000.00 with a length of:542.8       11        Blaine Whyte Scott Jennings

2nd  $3,200.00 with a length of:545.8       29       Steve Brasseur  Mike Brasseur

Gerald Botterill Memorial 1st Place trophy, keeper trophies and their names on the big trophy:

1st  $6,000.00 with a length of:562.6     37  Randy Olson (Saskatoon)             Jim Maillet (Bangor, Maine)


Winner of Bonus

#1 Cheque Value$_________________________$11,340.00

Randy Olson    Jim Maillet

#2 Cheque Value $_________________________$2,835.00

Steve Brasseur  Mike Brasseur

#3 Cheque Value $_________________________$1,890.00

Blaine Whyte  Scott Jennings

#4 Cheque Value $_________________________$1,512.00

Ray Lamy  Wade Maynard

#5 Cheque Value $_________________________$1,323.00

Lee Tosh Duane Tosh


 Early Bird Prize: 1st Prize: Free Entry into 2018 Tournament – Donated by:  Tobin Lake RV Leisure & Storage)_____________Tim Geni ______________________________

                              2nd Prize: Play and Stay Golf Package- Donated by Candle Lake Golf Resort

________Michael Copeland__________________________________

Hawks 50/50 for:  $ ___1120.00- Winner__Con Johnson  Ticket#____5375017______

Hawks 50/50 for: Bond Propane Fire Bowl- Donated by Hillside Campground and RV Park Winner__Wayne Bernesky______________ Ticket #____449375______

Hidden Length #1 of __400 cm______ Nipawin Vision Center 2-$200 Gift Certs. & 2 Hats

 Team #_48_Kim and Sean Tuffs_____________________________________

Hidden Length #2 of__450cm___________2 Stihl Blowers- (1 Donated by Top Notch Pallets and 1 Donated by Kevin’s Custom Ag ) & 2 Hats

Team #__73 Kevin Matiachuk and Yvonne Loewen______________________

5.      Hidden Length #3 of ___350 cm________ $300.00 donated by True Timber Construction    (Logan Bishop) and WS Plumbing and Heating (Steve Slusar and Whitey Salisbury)& 2 Hats

Team #______65 Robert Schmidt and Chris Holliday_____________________

6. Big Fish Pool #1 $____710.00______ & 2 Hats with a length of:_____80.5_cm____ is awarded to:_____Mike and Steve Brasseur_________________________.

7. Big Fish Pool #2 $___710.00________ & 2 Hats with a length of:_____81.7cm___________ is awarded to:_____Randy Olson and Jim Maillet__________.

8. Junior Champion:  1st Place: Trophy, Rod & Reel, Tackle Case and Hat.

Donated by: The Fishing Hole   

Winner: ___Trent and Easton Ediger_______________________________

9. Junior: 2nd Place   : Trophy, Rod and Reel, Tackle Case and Bag. (Donated by: Lee Ruiter- Roots Contracting) Winner:_____Tim and James Geni__   

10. Junior: 3rd Place : Trophy, Rod and Reel (Donated by Lee Ruiter- Roots Contracting ).

Winners: Lee and Josh Ruiter

11.Draw from all Junior Entries- Pelican Odyssey Kayak (Donated by Rosetown Mainline Motors)

Winner:____________________James Geni__________________________

12. Mixed Team 1st Place: Trophies and $500.00 plus 2 Hats (Donated by Rosetown Mainline Motors)

  Winners:  ______Tim and Nicole Stephanson____________________________

13. Mixed Team 2nd Place- 2 Inflatable Life Jackets plus 2 Hats (Donated by Thomas Motors) Winners:    Jason Jones and Megan Caplette_________________________